Let me get this out right up front. As far as I know, there is no physical place called Louisa Crossing. At least, that’s what Mr. Google is telling me. But the name does have significance to me. It’s an amalgamation of two words.

First, let’s deal with “Louisa.”

The initial tracks for all the songs on the album were laid down at a wonderful recording studio in Louisa County, Virginia. To be more precise, the studio is in the Green Springs National Historic Landmark District, not too far from Charlottesville. Congress created this unique designation in 1973 in an effort to preserve the uniquely beautiful rural character of the area. The timeless beauty of the countryside was an inspiration to me as we recorded.

Now, what about the “Crossing?”

Although I’ve been a musician (off and on) for much of my life, I focused for a good many years on my family and professional life. Inspired by the musical talents of two of my brothers, who were accomplished performers and composers in their own right, I finally took the step to prove to myself that I, too, could create music. So, that’s the crossing – from a focus on business to a focus on music. And I frankly surprised myself with the outcome. Yes – it could be done!

So I’ve made my Louisa Crossing. How about you?

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