The Swallow Has Landed!

Patience is a virtue, but I’m so glad I can finally announce that TODAY I am releasing for digital download my recording of La Golondrina (The Swallow in English). I’ve given this classic Mexican folk song several new twists, including new English language lyrics I composed in addition to the original Spanish lyrics (yes, I sing them both).

One of the great joys I had in doing this project was working with my good friend and superb musician, Gerardo Calera, who supported me with some beautiful vocal harmony. In addition to solo work, Gerardo is the leader of the famed south Texas band, Tres en Punto.

Gerardo Calera

In the studio, the incredible Richmond-based musical crew of Charles Arthur, Stephen McCarthy and Stewart Myers joined me to re-interpret this timeless Mexican classic in a distinct Texas two-step style. If you like that old boot-kickin’ feel, you’ll love this sound!

Left to right: Steve Harris, Charles Arthur, Stephen McCarthy, Stewart Myers

I hope you listen to the song, and if you like it, you can download it on virtually every digital music platform on the planet.

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