The Angel Band Artist: Introducing Margot Harris

girl with blond hair wearing a pink shirtArt for all of Steve Harris’s prior album covers was developed with great care.  “My mother taught me the importance of first impressions,” Harris said, “and the album cover is the first introduction many people have to your music.”

Striving for excellence, Harris asked friend Roberto Parada, a Washington-based world-renowned illustrator, to create paintings that formed the cover art for two of Harris’s albums. Keiko Futano, a graphic artist in Tokyo, designed the imagery for Harris’s EP jazz album.  With this level of artistic talent, it was important to Harris to find just the right artist to convey the story of Angel Band through an image. That artist was literally right under his nose: 11-year-old granddaughter Margot Harris.

“Margot was taking art classes, and when I saw some of her projects, I was really impressed – even more than you might expect from a doting grandpa,” Harris said. “I asked her if she would like to create the cover art for my new gospel music album, and how could she possibly say “no” to grandpa?” The two Harrises discussed the content and agreed that angels looking a little like current grandchildren would be a cool feature. Add instruments to the angels to create an angel band, and you’ve got a cover art concept.

“I’m so proud to have Margot’s art grace the cover of Angel Band,” Harris said.  “This will always be a very special album to me.”

Angel Band can be purchased through on CD or Digital Download. It is also available for download through other online stores such as iTunes and Amazon.