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It was early in 2018 when I realized I had created something that required more attention. I’d written ten songs (later increased to 14), but now was stuck. That was enough songs for an album, but who could I get to produce it for me? And what about backup musicians? I knew this would be an album with a country flavor. I was going to sing, but my instruments of choice and training don’t include anything with a string – like guitars, steel guitars, fiddle or mandolin. Ditto re drums. It was obvious I needed help if I was going to take this project beyond simply writing the songs and creating computer-generated mp3s for my own entertainment.

So I reached out to my friend, Wes Charlton, for advice. Wes is one hell of an accomplished musician – he’s been composing songs since his teens and has a number of great albums under his belt to prove it. As a favor to me, Wes listened to some of the early computer-generated mp3s and then made his recommendation: I should speak to Stewart Myers, who had worked with Wes on most of his albums both as a musicians and as a producer and engineer. Stewart also happened to based out of nearby Richmond, Virginia, which made things so much easier on a logistical level.

Stewart Myers

What a great connection that turned out to be! Stewart was a cofounder in 1995 of the Richmond-based band AGENTS OF GOOD ROOTS. The band was signed to RCA Records and then began touring with the Grammy-winning Dave Matthews Band. As a bass player, he also has recorded with many artists across genres, including Lifehouse, Jason Mraz, Shawn Colvin and Mandy Moore. Stewart’s strong bass skills are obvious. I was so fortunate the he agreed to do the bass line for all 14 songs on Louisa Crossing. As an example, listen to his solo on the bridge on Maybe Tonight. It’s pretty incredible, if you ask me.

Stewart made the music come to life not only by his own work on bass, but through the team of musicians he assembled to create this album. More on that in an upcoming post. But his skills as a music producer, studio engineer, and mixer also were so important to the success of this album. Stewart has engineered and mixed tracks for powerful musicians like Jason Mraz and the band Parachute.

So, thanks to Wes Charlton for pointing me in the direction of Stewart Myers. And thanks to Stewart for taking me on. It’s been one hell of a fun ride!

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