Mr. Right Scores Big

I must be doing something right! As of this writing, Mr. Right, the lead song on my Louisa Crossing album, has had 4,129 Youtube hits since its March 2019 release. While nowhere on the same scale as a Taylor Swift tune (her music video for Lover, released only a few weeks ago, already has received over 41 MILLION hits), IMO it’s a good start in my view for a new indie artist like me.

If somehow you haven’t already listened to the song, you can do that on Youtube. Likewise, you also can find all my recordings on Itunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music, Spotify and SoundCloud.

Keep watching this site. Starting soon, I’ll be downloading lyrics from songs on the album, so you can sing along if you want to while listening to the music. And there’s lots more coming down the road, including NEW MUSIC!

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