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As my last post of 2019, I’m hoping 2020 will be a better year for children everywhere. It seems the innocents and most vulnerable in our world are often unwilling and defenseless pawns in national and international disputes. And while there is plenty of injustice in terms of the treatment of refugee children at our southern US border, sadly it’s a global phenomenon.

But I am ever hopeful that things will improve. That’s the message in my song, Suffer the Children, released digitally in October 2019. Click here to listen and to get more background information on this original composition.


In a dusty border town, not far away

Children laughed and played and sang all through the day.

Mamas and papas too, they did all they could

To make sure their children’s lives turned out for the good.

Death, pain and misery came to their town.

Evil, now it ruled the land, madness all around.

They risked all they had for them, what more could they do?

They left all they had behind, and so would you, too.

There’s a man who once said, “All the children are blessed.”

Some in the crowd tried to put him to the test.

He told them: “Suffer the children, to come unto me.

Show them your love and become one family.”

© 2019, Steven D. Harris

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