Lyrics to Mr. Right

As promised in my prior blog post, I’m going to start releasing lyrics for songs from my Louisa Crossing album. Since it’s the first song, and based on Youtube hits, the most popular song on the album, I’ll start with Mr. Right. I don’t have a set date in mind to get lyrics for all 14 uploaded to the blog. I prefer to take a more whimsical approach! But if there’s a song or two where you’d particularly like to see the lyrics as I wrote them, just let me know.

Anyway, here are the lyrics for Mr. Right:

There you were just pretty as could be

As you talked with me and held my hand that night.

It hit me hard when you said you’d be leaving me

Cause you’d just found your new “Mr. Right.”

Life goes on, yet never quite the same.

And why you left, I’ll take the blame.

I’ll shed no tears, I’m moving on to better things.

Who knows what the coming days will bring?

We all know that love’s a gift from God.

But it seems to you it’s only a façade.

Yet love is real, I know, you came into my life.

When you left, it cut me like a knife.

Lesson learned, when once you find your one true love

Just thank your lucky stars above.

Well now you’re gone, and so I need to move along.

Till I find the place where I belong.

Till I find the place where I belong.

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