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My new song, Suffer the Children, is now available on all digital media platforms, including Itunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, Apple Music, CD Baby, and Spotify. Click here to download from Itunes. I’m doing the vocals, backed up by three terrific instrumentalists from my Louisa Crossing album, released earlier this year.

Suffer the Children is a lyrical immigrant journey in words and music.  The song is divided into three components reflective of the immigrant experience: (1) a section of “happy music” representing life in a better time; (2) a section of “dark music,” symbolic of the disintegration of order and the rise of lawlessness that threatens families and forces immigrants to leave their homes and seek a safe place for their families; and (3)  an ending in an an upbeat tempo and a reminder that all children should be loved:  We are all part of one family – humanity.

While there are widely different views about how to address immigration issues on the U.S. southern border, immigrants and refugees – and especially children – should be treated humanely. The title of the song, Suffer the Children, is taken from Jesus’ admonition to his disciples to suffer (allow) the children to come to him. (Matt. 19:14.) Jesus especially loved the children. That’s a good model for all of us, regardless of individual religious or political beliefs.

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