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Launch of Green Tea Blues, my new extended play album, is getting closer. I’m now shooting for a mid-June release date. The music is ready to go – all I need to do is finalize the cover design. Through my friend Mikiko Horikiri in Kagoshima, Japan, I was able to make connection with Keiko Futano, an incredible graphic artist, to come up with three cover design concepts. (More about Keiko in a later post.) And you, dear reader, get to help me make a decision about which one to use for this album.

Note that the color green is predominant in all three options. Green is a special color in Japan. With respect to tea especially, it is green in color after brewing and the tea leaves are green as well. (And of course, that’s the name of the album as well as the title song.) Tea is very important in Japanese culture. In Japan, the color green represents youth, eternity, vitality and energy. Hey, I like all of those ideas!

Here are the three rough working concept images:

Cover Option # 1

Cover Option # 2
Cover Option # 3

So, take a look at the three cover options and send an email to with your comments. The final cover design will be completed before the end of this month, but concept revisions, if any, will happen in the next couple of weeks.

Stay well and healthy. Drink lots of green tea, too. More info on the album and songs coming soon, in addition to final cover design!

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  1. Sue Broeniman on May 7, 2020 at 4:13 am

    All three covers looked good. It was a hard decision.

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