Green Tea, Anyone?

I’ve been a little quiet on my blog for the past few months. Lots going on behind the scenes, though. I’ve been writing and recording my own work and that of others. But I’m really excited about a cool new personal recording project – one that started with a visit to a green tea farm in the countryside around Kagoshima, Japan back in September 2019.

My two sons and I were in Japan for a father-son bonding trip, dodging cyclones moving across Asia and before the arrival of the coronavirus. (Timing is everything.) While in Kagoshima, we engaged Mikiko H. (last name withheld for privacy purposes) as our personal tour guide for a visit of places off the normal tourist site-seeing routes. Mikiko – who was an awesome guide, by the way – took us out into the countryside for a visit to Mr. Yamaguchi’s green tea farm. While chatting with Mikiko about my music, it hit me. What a cool name for a song – Green Tea Blues. One concept – two colors, two cultures.

Mr. Yamaguchi and His Green Tea

After I got back to the States, I followed that muse – writing Green Tea Blues and several other new songs. I was in the recording studio in November with my producer and friend, Stewart Myers, and an incredible group of session musicians to lay down my first recordings of songs in a jazz setting – a new concept for me. Because that one conversation in a green tea field with Mikiko led me in a new direction, it seemed appropriate to title the whole album Green Tea Blues.

Green Tea Blues, an extended play album of 4 jazz songs including the title song, is tentatively set for release in June. Subscribe to my blog or follow Steve Harris Music on Facebook for updates and more intriguing insights, and maybe a little audio taste, too.

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