Wow! The feedback from friends and strangers alike – from as close as my spouse on the living room sofa and as far away as friends in Japan – was amazing! The three original potential album cover designs from Kagoshima, Japan-based graphic artist Keiko Futano were, in my humble opinion, just awesome. So the decision was difficult. But here’s the final album cover design for Green Tea Blues (with a few minor tweaks from the original design):

Green Tea Blues album cover

The distinctive features of the cover design include (1) prominent use of the colors green and blue, to tie together with words in the title; (2) use of Japanese characters in the title and for my name – two of the four songs on the album have a Japanese theme; (3) representation of music rising from the green tea fields; (4) representation of Mt. Kaimon that towers over the Chiran green tea fields; and (5) a really “cool” Japanese feel and look. Thanks to Kagoshima, Japan-based graphics designer Keiko Futano for a great result. I’ll introduce more detail on Futano-san in an upcoming post.

The album is in final production for digital distribution. I also plan to upgrade my web page to provide for downloading of this and all prior (and future) productions. Stay tuned for more details!

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