Steve Harris

Working within an Americana framework, award-winning composer and singer-songwriter Steve Harris expands musical horizons by writing and arranging music drawing simultaneously from different styles. His works have touched upon bluegrass, country, jazz, gospel and Latin styles. He brings his innovative musical creations to life through recordings, available worldwide at all digital streaming and download platforms.

In addition to his composition and arrangement endeavors, Steve also has worked in collaboration with well-known producers and musical artists in their own right, including Grammy-nominated Alex Meixner (Alex Meixner Band) and Ted Lange (Squeezebox Band), Stewart Myers (Agents of Good Roots), and Gerardo Calera (Tres en Punto).

Steve’s inaugural album of entirely original country compositions, LOUISA CROSSING, was released in 2019. He also released two single digital recordings, with a South Texas border theme, in 2019. Steve's extended play album, GREEN TEA BLUES, was released digitally and with limited print release in 2020 in the U.S. and Japan. It was his first compilation of original compositions in a jazz setting. COME ON HOME, also released in 2020, features an intriguing mix of original Americana compositions and arrangements in styles ranging from blues to bluegrass. Steve’s latest album is ANGEL BAND, a gospel album including original compositions as well as new arrangements of beloved gospel standards.

Steve also is the owner of Music Publishers of America (“MPA”), which holds the legendary Vitak-Elsnic (“V-E”) Company catalog of central European-American traditional music. Steve built on the songs in the V-E catalog, producing five albums on the MPA label: THEN AND NOW (2015), MUSIC FROM THE HEARTLAND (2016), MADE IN OHIO (2017), POLISH BLOOD (2018) and ACCORDION BAND (2021). A keyboardist and middle brass instrumentalist, he has recorded with Grammy-nominated musicians Alex Meixner and Ted Lange and with South Texas bolero artist Gerardo Calera.