2021: Momma Said/Cherry Blossom Love Awards

award laurelsWhile singer-songwriter Steve Harris was busy in 2021 writing, arranging, recording, and producing his new gospel album, Angel Band, some of his earlier three of his earlier compositions received positive recognition in the form of twelve awards. In addition to the many accolades won by Green Tea Blues, three of that dozen went to Momma Said, a tune with a message about lessons learned from mothers and love over hate. Cherry Blossom Love, a song about lost love, written in a minor key with a driving beat, brought home two awards on its own.

Momma Said – Album: Come on Home
International Songwriters Day (Canada, April)
Christian Film Festival (U.S., June)
Artists Forum International Music Competition ((U.S., October)

Cherry Blossom Love – Album: Louisa Crossing
Kashmir International Film & Cultural Festival (India, June)
One Earth Awards (India, September)

“As a relatively new recording artist, the recognition represented by these awards is extra special to me,” Harris said. “It’s a bonus to the joy I get composing and recording, and the feedback I get from fans.”

All of Steve’s releases are available for purchase through his website, steveharrismusic.com along with digital and streaming platforms such as Spotify and iTunes.